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Our Story

Our ownership, investment, and management team have a combined 100+ years of experience working in the industry.

Hexad Solutions Group was founded in early 2021 with the objective of becoming a reliable and beneficial partner offering engineering and design services to providers of wireline, wireless, and CATV communications services as well as build-construct organizations. The ownership and management team of Hexad Solutions have combined, more than one hundred years of expertise in the industry of telecommunications engineering. Our team brings varied backgrounds to include telecom design, operation startups, training and program deployment, advanced survey techniques and procedures, quality assurance, and program management in a multi-cultural, international environment supporting the most distinguished Tier I and Tier II carriers in the US. 

A combination of strategic employees and personnel based in global locations shapes our hybrid service delivery technique allowing Hexad Solutions Group to provide around-the-clock production cycles and most importantly an adaptive framework to meet the volume, quality, and pricing needs of the industry. Through our network of relationships as well as a normalized program management and program implementation/execution approach, we can counterbalance the usual risks of quality flaws and capacity overruns often encountered when using an offshore service provider. 

Partnerships executed by Hexad Solutions are linked with seasoned management teams stemming from trusted associations we have developed during the past twenty years. Our main objective is to acquire, maintain, and enhance the skills of experienced employees, as well as build sustainable and beneficial long-term partnerships, rather than just quickly recruit additional personnel to take on the current venture.  

Our primary design center located in Tupelo, Mississippi is comprised of a design team, project managers, and a quality control group which currently surpasses 45 individuals and is increasing at a steady rate to satisfy business demands. With a facility capacity of 110 staff members, this center has plenty of space for expansion as we continue to grow and evolve with our customers.  

Our support design center is in Warangal, India. This team has grown organically through numerous ties established over the past decade of a design team, project managers, and a quality control team with more than 50 members and is continuously growing in parallel with our primary design center to meet the industry requirements. This center has a capacity of 150 Hexad Solutions Group employees, working 2 shifts to meet our client deliverable objectives.